Ordinary people doing what is right

The goal is to change the world through OIA Gives™ but the process is one donation given by a caring soul. Ordinary people trying to do whats right…

  • Sponsor A Child

    Every month
    We can provide school books, uniforms and transportation
    • Our approach, little by little, one child at a time, we help
  • Sponsor A Child

    Every month
    We aim to nurture true potential of the children we support
    • We keep children from less than fortunate backgrounds learn
  • Sponsor A Child

    Every month
    With your donation, we can provide care packages
    • We work on improving lives one child at a time
  • Sponsor A Child

    Every month
    Thank you for helping us as together we can a make change
    • We believe small sure consistent steps are impactful
  • Sponsor A Child

    Every month
    100% of your donations go to the children we support
    • Although sometimes insurmountable we take one step at a time
  • Ambassadorship Fund*

    Every month
    To help the child you support with monthly donations
    • Help pay FEES ONLY for a good quality education for children
  • Sponsor a child

    Ambassadorship Fund*

    Every month
    To help the child you support with monthly donations
    • Help pay FEES for a good quality education for children
    • Help also pay for PRIVATE TUITION to supplement their school
  • Ambassadorship Fund*

    Every month
    To help the child you support with monthly donations
    • Pay HALF the cost of helping a child with FEES & TUITION


At OIA GIVES™ we are raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the children who need them most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

OIA GIVES™ was created in 2017. Our first campaign was launched in September, and we have raised a total of £6,361 until date. Our first destination was South Africa, followed by Nigeria. 

Like today, the task seems insurmountable, the demands are never ending, however, the 7 children we currently have on our Ambassadorship Educational Scholarship program are half way through their 3rd Academic year with our Sponsorship. Thank you that truly small sure steps are being taken to help provide a better and more sustained education for these children.

With our Ambassadorship Educational Scholarship, each child is paired with an ambassador who acts as the torch bearer helping to raise funds within their circle. This means collectively, when we all come together, we have a far greater REACH. 


6 ambassadors later and we are still pressing on. A glimpse into our Ambassadors 365 challenge.

We are ordinary people, trying to do what’s right

Thank you for any help you can offer ! We currently have 7 children - Marvellous, Honour, Faith, Miracle, Oluchi, Olamide and Sonia - we are creating educational funds which helps pay their school fees, buy books and uniforms, pay for their transport and other school related costs like pay for a private tutor for children who require them.   

To get greater insights on the beautiful children we have helped, children we are currently helping, here are links to our previous campaigns: