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OIA Gives™ ID #: EDUFNG008

Who is Marvellous?

She is the 2nd of 3 kids that her mum Amaka had. She is 13 years old but in her golden brown eyes you would think she was 80. When I first met her she gave me a genuine smile, the one you rarely see today where the corners of her eyes fully wrinkled. She caught my attention because when I looked into her eyes I could see her pupils dilate, in that moment I felt welcome and I knew she was truly pleased to meet me. She continued staring at me, her face remained genial but there was an underlying intensity in her eyes at this time the pupils started to constrict… 

Unlike most children who are more interested in playing with their dolls or engaging in conversation with their friends, marvellous kept her genial gaze on me as I conversed with her teacher. I asked the teacher, a young lady called Mary, who beamed with happiness, like a mother-hen she could not control the delight in her heart that we had come to help one of her children who she truly cared for. I proceeded to ask “so how are the children faring?” she interrupted me saying, “I’m guessing you have met Marvellous” I was shocked thinking “is she Clairvoyant”. She appeased my worries when she said “Until today I have never forgotten the look in her eyes when I first met her, but after been her teacher for 2 years I finally came to a conclusion on what that look was”. I became curious at this point because there were 20 children in the classroom but my eyes became transfixed on Marvellous, and to make it even worse her teacher just confessed that she had the same experience!

Mary then went on to talk about the struggles she had in caring for the children in class, as well as caring for their well being when they are outside the 4 walls of her classroom. As she continued in her soliloquy my mind kept drifting to the look in Marvellous eyes. Now Mary stopped talking and starred gently into my eyes and asked “You are curious as to what that look in Marvellous eyes is but you don't want to ask, because you want to remain fair and not show special interest to any child?” Shamefully I nodded in agreement and she smiled again putting her arms around me and her mouth came close to my ear when she whispered “Determination”. I replied whispering “determination?” Mary nodded again smiling when she proceeded to tell me that of all the children, from day one, Marvellous knew somehow that she wanted to be an accountant, she would always shout it out loud when I asked the children what they wanted to do, the others had a list of 20 things but with Marvellous it was a resolute “Accountant”. From the first day I started teaching them Maths it was as though Marvellous stole my teaching plan and knew all the answers to the questions… She has an intuitive feel for numbers and mathematics, quite incredible. 

Brief Summary 

Correspondence Language: Esan

Current School: Alpacific hall academy 

Hobbies and Sport

Craft work




13 years






Ubth quarter okhunmwun, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.


Number of Siblings: 03

Marital Status of Parents: 

• Divorced

Guardian's Employment

• Father’s location is unknown

• Mother is a Tailor

She currently in Jss 3/ Year 9

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