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In your own words what is OIA Gives™️ ?
Opportunity to help young Africans gain access to quality education.

What do you think has motivated you to join OIA Gives™️? 
Knowing that I giving a valuable opportunity to some that could shape their lives for the best

What experience do you bring to this new role as a volunteer i.e custodian of OIA Gives™️ ideals?

Probably can understand what a young person needs to access quality education in Africa as I did both primary and secondary school in Sierra Leone 

In your opinion what makes OIA Gives™️ different?

Run my young black Africans 

What are your hopes for OIA Gives™️ in the short and long run?

Reach out to more young black people / professionals to donate and sponsor a child. 

Why do you do it?
It feels great to give

Why it is so important?

Africa can only compete with the rest of the world if Africans abroad and within invest their resources back home 

What comes to mind when you think of OIA Gives™️?
Cynthia lol. Her drive and determination to provide quality education for young Africans is inspirational

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