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Ordinary people trying to do whats right…

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raised so far

Thanks to you, we have been able to raise £6801 until date and this has all gone to paying for the education, upkeep and apprenticeships of the children and youths we support.

Impact: About Us

OIA Gives™ 2017 VISIT

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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

OIA Gives™ was created in 2017. Our first campaign was launched in September, and we have raised a total of £1562 until date. In 2018, between Qtr 1 & 2, the OIA GIVES website was being created. Hence, the launch of the 2nd Campaign in August 2018, Quarter 3.

Impact: About Us


Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

OIA Gives™ was created in 2017. Our first campaign was launched in September, and we have raised a total of £3958 until date. Minor differences with previous report as some donations due to processing errors were rescinded in 2018. In Q2 we launched the "help marvellous and honour school transfer". We raised A$1,520. Both children passed their transfer exams and presently attend their new school, Sacred Heart Secondary School.

Impact: About Us


Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Like today, the task seems insurmountable, the demands are never ending, however, the 7 children we currently have on our Ambassadorship Educational Scholarship program are half way through their 2nd Academic year with our Sponsorship. Thank you that truly small sure steps are being taken to help provide a better and more sustained education for these children.

With our Ambassadorship Educational Scholarship, each child is paired with an ambassador who acts as the torch bearer helping to raise funds within their circle ⭕️ . This means collectively, when we all come together, we have a far greater REACH. 

6 ambassadors later and we are still going.

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Impact: About Us
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Small sure steps to a sustained education

In light of the global pandemic, I hope you, family and friends are safe. Presently, we sponsor 7 children; 12 ambassadors (50% increase from last year); 3 trustees; 1 coordinator; £6,801 donations; private tuition for each child to help them maximise their potential and 3yrs+ conception. 

We appreciate all you have done to help so far.

Impact: About Us


Thanks to you, we have been able to raise £6801 until date and this has all gone to paying for the education, upkeep and apprenticeships of the children and youths we support. 

- Thanks to you, we raised £945 in Q1 2021.

- Since June 2020, we employed 7 private tutors to help each child supplement their learning. 

- In 2019 we changed Olamide Alaka's, Honour Anyim's & Marvellous Ogadu's School to a Private school costing £1035 per year. 

15 years ago there was great competition in the house removal business, and Hertz came out on top as the market leaders, and broadcasted in all their advertising that they were the Market leaders, they were number 1! Avis on the other hand a smaller sized company, knowing fully well they could not claim to be “Market leaders” and knowing that they did not have the share mass and economies of scale as Hertz, simply went to a small scale advertising agency and positioned themselves with these words “At Avis we are number 2, but we try harder…” 

At OIA Gives we are not the biggest charity, we cannot afford grand campaigns but just like Avis we definitely try harder and this report shows our efforts in using all the donations you have made. 100% of the donations have gone directly to the children’s tuition, maintenance costs, school uniforms, books, school bags and we have ensured that their tuition fees have been paid in full because we have direct contact to the school proprietors and their parents.

We have come to see the importance of being small, this allows us to walk into Olamide’s classrooms and have conversations with his teachers about his attendance, inquire into the aspiration of Marvellous, our future accountant and go to places where buses and public transport don’t go, but only a caring heart and two faithful feet can go. We can see directly without the need of a middleman the impact your donations are making in the lives of our children. Again thank you for all your donations and support, without you our vision would not be able to run with its beautiful feet!

Ordinary people trying to do whats right…

Ordinary people doing whats right…

The goal is to walk but the process is crawling and falling for 12 months

The goal is to get into secondary school but the process is figuring out how to be a teenager

The goal is to have a prom date but the process is finding a life-long friend

The goal is a nice 6 pack but the process is exercising a little more and loving a healthy diet

The goal is graduation pictures but the process is developing an interest in learning 

The goal is to get a high paying job but the process is finding your purpose through your work

The goal is the wedding but the process is listening a little longer and giving up your “right” for peace sake

The goal is a big house but the process is a big family dinner @7pm with no mobile phones

The goal is the finished cake the process is breaking the eggs and getting you hair messy with flour

The goal is to brag about your kids but the process is living a life you don’t mind them imitating

“PETIT A PETIT, L’OISEAU FAIT SON NID” “Little by little, the bird makes its nest”

The goal is to change the world through OIA GIVES but the process is one donation given by a caring soul

Ordinary people trying to do whats right…

Impact: About Us


Working Towards a Better Education

Marvellous is a very smart and outgoing 11 year old. Along with her three siblings, she is raised by her single mother, who is a Tailor. She hopes to become an accountant one day and we want to make sure she has the proper education for that! 

Honour Anyim is an energetic 11 year old, who loves playing football. He has a tough time at home, as his father is unemployed and his mother is a Petty Trader. Since things are very hard at home, he loves being at school and spending time with his friends. 

Olamide is a boy full of life but his parents are poor. He is currently in Jss 1/ Year 7. He lives with his dad and stepmom.

We strongly believe that every child deserves the right to quality education and that with better education, the cycle of poverty CAN and WILL be broken. 
In March 2019, after my visit to Edo State, Nigeria to see the children, it was apparent that their schools lacked basic infrastructures. Hence, the fundraising campaign to transfer the children to a school that can provide them with the quality education and structure to help empower them. 
Now, although I can demonstrate with pictures the state of the schools in terms of structures and infrastructure which is definitely not up to par. It is not my intent to criticise as without these schools, both children would be on the streets hawking or in more dire conditions, at least this way they get to be with their friends, laugh and play football and be SAFE for 8hrs in the day.  

Thank you for your generosity and kind hearts. As Marvellous & Honour passed the exams and have enrolled in a new school, Sacred Heart Secondary School with new uniforms and new books. Olamide is also starting Yr 7 in the same school. Thank you for helping us provide a more sustained education. .

Impact: About Us

Why do we care?

My Dad lies on the sofa, newspaper in hand. I get closer and make out he is reading his favourite “The Guardian”. “Daddy can you take me to the place Sigho volunteered?” he responded “mhmmmm, why do you want to go there? “I want to buy a bag of rice, some yams and provisions to take down there” “I’ll give you the money” I said. “Ok, why not buy school books, pen and pencils so they can practise and improve themselves”. “Daddy I want to buy the food items” I answered back. “Ok give me the money, I’ll buy it tomorrow and then we can drop it off in the afternoon”.  He smiled, I realise that he knows that the laws of nature just occurred, the younger sister emulating the older sister they look up to. 

The next day, my first visit to the charity home and I’m excited. I ride in the front seat with my dad with my neck turned to face the side window, I want to absorb this into my memory, I want the frames flashing before my eyes to be stored and never leave. We arrive and when dad opens the booth of the car, I realise there is double of everything I bought. His eyes meets mine and he responds “I doubled your effort”. We offload the items, and he gave me enough money to return home later. I spent the rest of the day sat amongst teenagers from the same age group, we play a game of draughts, and I’m feeling so at home. It feels so natural and effortless, and lots of laughter. Now, it was getting dark and time for me to go HOME. That was the difference, I could get up, walk and make my way home. But they could neither walk nor go home, truth is they were orphans and quadriplegics. The divide was born. I “have” and they “have not”. Since that day I decided to do everything in my power to bridge that gap. ordinary people doing what is right







Increased Literacy: Of the 163 million illiterate youth across the globe, nearly 63 percent are female.

We are a small charity hence we are constantly involved in the lives of hour children. We experience 1st hand any difficulty they face hence we can prompt a school change and if required, fund tuition to help them in subjects they find tasking.

All our donations go to fund the education of the children we support

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Education and work are the levers to uplift a people.

W. E. B. Du Bois

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£6801 raised so far


Too often, we underestimate the power of the smallest act of caring, and how one small act of kindness or compassion could have the potential to turn a life around. 

For me, this lesson was moulded into me at a very early age. Although, I would love to take all the credit and say that I was innately charitable, empathetic and benevolent … this wouldn’t be a true indication of how i got to be. Truthfully, my love for people and helping was ignited by my mother.

As a little girl, my mom made it a point to show me and my siblings how undeniably fortunate we where in comparison to many children in our community. Gratitude, kindness, and generosity, became the culture in the Marandu household. While other children were busy  enjoying their Christmas breaks, over-eating, unwrapping gifts, and celebrating, we would visit the villages my parents grew up in and spread the joy by giving clean clothes, food, and celebrations … so children in less fortunate situations wouldn’t be left out. 

Impact: About Us
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Ensuring We Make An Impact

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