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Why OIA Gives™? 

Naturally I see charities as short-term in the impact they make. I feel they are without long term sustainability and recently, the reputation charities have is that of charlatans.  

Based on these precepts, I am the last person to support or even donate to a charity. So why did I decide to go against my proclivities to volunteer for OIA Gives™ I hear you ask? The answer to that question is embodied in the personality and character of Cynthia Omigie.  

From conversing with her and carefully monitoring the charities actions so far (on the premise that “talk is cheap”) I could see that they are a result driven organization, that is focused on sustainable change in people's lives. They have focused their resources in guaranteeing the education of 8 less privileged children, as well as provided them with the resources they need to succeed in school.  

So as the proverbial saying goes… “They are not just giving the people fish, they are teaching them how to fish”. These results are quantifiable by how many students they help through the educational system and as a result they are in the long-term ensuring these individuals become assets to their society even though they might have been dealt a poor hand is the Russian roulette of this game called life.   

"Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others".​

Secondly, your powers of deduction might have told you that Cynthia is my sister and I know the look of contempt just came on your face whilst reading this… That is a reasonable response, because the family tie would bring my objectivity to question, however this supposed bias has laden within it an opportunity of character watching for over 25 years which I have been privileged to observe.

It could be said that my sister feels true indignation, joy, anger, on behalf of others. She has ultimate “mothering” instincts and cannot separate others need from her needs. As a result this charity is not just a good act but the essence of her life, resulting in her strong instinct to take care of other’s needs, even above their own needs.  

Because of this I can trust my energy, time and money into her management because I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is not for selfish gain.  

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